Family Activities as a Means of Learning Armenian

To achieve remarkable goals in the difficult and effort requiring process of teaching Armenian language to your children you need to be creative. And you can inject creativity in every simple family activity you used to do even without thinking there can be a chance of a teaching elements for your mother tongue. It can be a challenge to plan every activity beforehand, but that is what will help you and your family to preserve Armenian language at home. The most important advice here is to involve everyone in the family, including grandparents, your spouse and all siblings. Your child needs to feel like speaking Armenian is something very natural for the family, and there is nothing extraordinary in it. It is the mother tongue and it should be the family language. Here we present several family activities which can be seasoned with Armenian language teaching exercises and interactions.


Everyone does family shopping. You can go for some vegetables with children on your home back from the kindergarten, or get to a near store to buy sweets for the tea time, or have a full family shopping day at a huge mall for clothes and stuff. So why not to use this great chance to teach Armenian words, phrases and shopping related vocabulary? The language teaching books usually have a special section on shopping vocabulary, because those are must-know words and phrases very important to master while travelling and talking to the locals. So use your family shopping time to practise Armenian language shopping vocabulary.

First use Playland Armenia shopping workbook to build the list

shoppingworkbookWe have one book  focused on Food & Shopping. Build your shopping list at home with the child and translate all the words for the items you are getting into Armenian. On your way to store tell the children what you are going to get and use the Armenian words. Then back home have your children to repeat. Is not it simple? And very practical, as they see the authentic usage of the Armenian language in everyday life. The book is in the package offered within Playland Armenia lifetime Membership.

Then you can move on with shopping related words and phrases, like “how much does this item cost”, “what sizes of this item do you have” or “Where to see the changing room”, etc.. In Playland Armenia free games we offer Shopping activity, where children receive receipts and need to buy the products on the list. It teaches both basic and advanced vocabulary for food, including vegetables, fruits, dairy, seafood, meat and groceries. You can download the game available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android from our website.

Playing Chess

Many Armenian grandfathers and fathers master this game. And it is a common activity in the evenings or at family gatherings when fathers wait for the food 🙂 Many parents choose to teach their children to play chess, it is a traditional Armenian game and is very popular in Armenia. It is even taught in schools as a mandatory sport subject.You can use this experience to teach language elements and many things about Armenia in general. Start with the numbers and the chess figures in Armenian. It will be great to use Armenian words during the play. It will be so much helpful and interactive in practical use. Download Playland Armenia game for free to play chess with other players online.

Reading Storybooks

armenian fairytaleStorybooks have always been great tools to introduce language, culture and national values. Everyone will agree Armenian literature offers wonderful Armenian storybooks by children’s writers like Hovhannes Toumanian, Ghazaros Aghayan, Khnko Aper and many others. It will be a great pleasurable time to spend an hour on day time and bedtime reading. We have audio enabled storybooks in Playland Armenia platform offered for free. If you are not very well on reading, play the audio and follow the story with your children. We offer the stories both in Eastern and Western Armenian languages. Besides, we also offer printable storybooks to distract children from the screens and take back to traditional reading. Print the books following our instructions and you will have a full storybook library at home. To access the printable materials you need to join Playland Armenia lifetime Membership.

Learning the Armenian Alphabet

Language teaching always starts with alphabet learning. And there are hundreds of ways to make it amusing and engaging for children. Do not consider it as a boring letter learning, because there is so much fun you can add to it. Having alphabet flash cards all around the house is a good idea for keeping them always in front  of the child’s attention. In Playland Armenia workbooks you can find such learning exercises, including flash cards, tracings, letter matching and many more. Download ABC 1 and ABC 2 workbooks for free now.

Listening to Children Songs

Here is another family activity, that can be filled with learning elements. Choose educational songs that teach alphabet letters, words from different vocabulary sections, like food, animals, colours, and all the basic phrases that are easy to get in the songs. This will help a lot. Sing as a family and then have the child to repeat it back to you to make it an individual accomplishment.

Traditional Armenian celebrations

Do not miss the chance on a few days during the year to refer back to where you come from. Do celebrate Christmas, Barekendan, Easter, Vardavar and other days in a traditional Armenian way with food and family gatherings. This will preserve Armenian identity alive no matter how far you live from the Motherland.

Doing workbook exercises together

ParentsGode-01-01-01-01-01No matter how popular and effective are educational apps for learning Armenian language on the mobile devices, the traditional way of learning with books, workbooks and exercises is still very important to ensure complete education.  It can become your child’s favorite family activity if you do it right – small portions of it each day and involving all family members. Try out free workbooks here, and join Playland Armenia lifetime Membership to access all educational materials.