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Playland Armenia platform offers both online and offline
tools to learn Armenian

We have developed 16 educational language games to learn Armenian for free using a computer or a tablet. The language games teach Armenian alphabet, Armenian words and phrases both in Western and Eastern Armenian languages. The platform aims at assisting your children for learning Armenian language online.

The offline part of the platform includes over 20 armenian language workbooks, storybooks, videos and a Parent Guide to direct the parents living in Armenian Diaspora through the process of teaching Armenian at home. All materials can be accessed by getting Playland Armenia lifetime Membership.

Armenian for Beginners

Let’s Learn Armenian Alphabet and Armenian Language Basics Together

Yes, it is possible to learn Armenian online for free. We start with the language basics, including Armenian alphabet, colours, numbers, simple Armenian words and phrases. The game is supported by audios both in Eastern and Western Armenian languages.

 The Armenian alphabet is taught in a game called ԱԲԳ  which we feature with the unique monument called "Garden of Letters" located on the backdrop of the Mount Aragats. Not every nation builds a giant stone monument paying tribute to the alphabet and its creator. This is just another fact of how the Armenian language kept the nation and the Armenian culture alive through the centuries. 

The Alphabet game is available on the Playland Armenia platform which you can download from our webiste.

How Do You Say Hello in Armenian

Multilanguage chat to help Armenian children to communicate

Practice is the best way to learn a language. Playland Armenia platform includes a very strong socializing component by enabling Armenian children to communicate with each other in a multilingual advanced chat system. Without knowing each others' language children can communicate using the automatic translations always accompanied with Western or Eastern Armenian equivalents. 

The chat is made with special focus on the security. The children can not type, they only use pre-built messages and phrases. Besides the Armenian language, each child can see the chat in their own native language which is chosen by default. The list of the languages includes English, Russian, French, German, Spanish. 

This system will help the players to communicate with each other, invite to learn Armenian language together in the games, learn Armenian words and phrases, and stay connected.


Write in Armenian

Various typing games will help you to learn to write in Armenian

To make sure we have all Armenian children around the world to command the Armenian language perfectly, we have added writing exercises to our games and workbooks. 

After learning the Armenian alphabet and simple Armenian words and phrases, children are challenged to start learning to write in Armenian. They have to type the word in order to gain a coin and improve their villages in Our Village typing game. 

This may sound a little bit difficult for the children living in Armenian Diaspora, but we can not exclude the writing, one of the most important elements of the language command. We made it super easy by showing the word above the pictures. After several practice experiences your children will be able to write in Armenian.

From Screens to the Books

Family learning with Armenian language workbooks

To make learning Armenian a family activity we have made Armenian language workbooks for children from 5-10. 

By joining Playland Armenia lifetime Membership, you can get access to over 20 printable language workbooks, Armenian storybooks, language teaching videos, a guide for the parents and also accomplishment certificates to evaluate and praise your child's achievements in the Armenian language learning.

Our books include reading and writing exercises, board games, flash cards, family trees, crosswords, colourings, word scrambles, puzzles and much more.