Learn Armenian Language through Gamification Methods

To learn Armenian language may sound not an easy task for a 5 year old kid. Effort is required at every moment and must be maintained over a long period of time. Mobile technologies have a huge potential in improving educational models and approaches for parents wishing to teach a language to their children.

The earlier you start teaching your child a new language, the more of a chance to assist healthy cognitive development. When children become 5 years old, they  are eager to learn new things. Most children at this age enjoy making up words, therefore it is a perfect time to teach languages. There are many techniques that parents can use to assist language learning for their 5-year-old child.

happy kids playing

In modern world children spend many hours in front of their personal computers playing different games. Thus it’s much easier to bring education into their desktops than convince them to spend less time online. Instead of keeping children away from computers, we use them as a tool to expand possibilities for children.
There aren’t many educational online games for children to learn Armenian. One can easily find all the possbile few options in the app stores. Considering today’s trends for gamified learning, children living in Armenian Diaspora can benefit a lot from online learning.

Games can become learning tools not only online but also offline, in daily life activities. We have gathered the best gamification methods and tips to help you in teaching Armenian language to your children.


Learn Through Play

Play is an important part of learning. When children play, they challenge themselves to do and learn more.

Children learn naturally when they are having fun. Your child will enjoy learning with Playland activities through your intimate participation. Interacting and having fun with our character Gadoo will encourage your child to be enthusiastic about learning a new language.

Make Learning Fun

Play different types of games which can help them memorize what they have learnt, oe enhance their vocabulary.here are a few examples:

  • Ask your child to think of things that are a certain color. Play I’m thinking of… and see if they can guess what you are thinking of based on the clues you give.
  • Make cookies with your child and teach a teach food vocabulary words from the receipt
  • Make storybooks. Ask them to draw some pictures and tell you the story and you can then write the text.
  • Talk about clothes when your child is getting dressed (‘Let’s put on your blue socks’, ‘It’s Dad’s T-shirt’, etc.).
  • Practise vocabulary for furniture when you are helping your child to tidy their bedroom (‘Let’s put your teddy bear on the bed!’).
  • To demonstrate how to use the language in real life situations, do roleplays when children become someone or something else.

Crosword game in Playland Armenia

Traditional Crossword Games for children already having basic writing skills and vocabulary

Online or offline crossword game is an excellent way to build your child’s vocabulary. The children use a built-in Armenian keyboard to fill the grids with the words corresponding to the illustrations. There is a traditional crossword game available in Playland Armenia. Discover it in Lebanon and play using the custom built Armenian keyboard.

“Tell the Time” style games to teach the time and the related phrases

tell the time in Armenian

Teaching Tell the Time in Playland Armenia

Learn to tell time! This activity is great fun for all children at home. Kids practise setting the time on the clock by dragging the clock hands. The game also has audio files to hear the pronunciation of time expressions. Playland Armenia also offers a game teaching the time. Discover it in London and learn telling the time in Western and Eastern Armenian languages with texts and audios.

“Fill Gap” method to practice words and phrases

Putting the words in the right gaps helps children understand the usage of word in sentences. Tell a common phrase or a sentence missing one word. And make your children to fill the gap guessing what word misses there. Like: Your elder sister’s …  is Anahit.

Flash Cards and Memory Cards 

This favorite game for all generations builds working memory. Even really young children can play with ease trying to find the matching word and images. In Playland Armenia we offer a Memory card online game which can be discovered in Russia, and flash cards exercises in Armenian language workbooks.

Make children to write the word to get this or that object

writie in armenian, learn armenian

Teaching to Write in Armenian

This can serve as a very effective trick. Keep the pen and the paper always under hand and make the children put down the object names they want. This can be played for a very short time, like 3-4 words a day not to make the exercise boring and difficult. In “Our Village”  game we teaching writing with this same method. the Through this game children try to keep the balance in the environment, buy different items and add them to their villages. Sometimes to add the items they should type Armenian words for those items.

Reading Storybooks to Children to Bed

Armenian storybook

Armenian Storybook

Get Armenian storybooks and make reading fairytales to bed a daily habit. We know it may sound difficult to sit for at least 30 minutes every day to read a tale to your children because of other daily duties, but parenthood always proved to be about sacrifices 🙂 Have your children to tell you the stories back at least once a day. I am sure grandmothers will enjoy listening to. If you are not fluent in Armenian, use Playland Armenia audio enabled storybooks to listen with your children. The stories are available in Playland Armenia platform for free both in Eastern and Western Armenian languages. Listen to interesting Armenian fairy tales accompanied by sounds and colorful illustrations.

And one major tip: always make the learning fun and interactive. Remember children get bored very quickly and like the diversity in everything. Try to have them like the Armenian language learning with you.