tat-01How Playland Armenia Was Born

Our team at Digital Pomegranate is passionate about serving the millions of Armenians living throughout the world by preserving our mother tongue, cultural, religious components and family fundamentals within the diaspora communities. No matter how far they live from the motherland, how often they get to visit Armenia, and in what ways they are in touch with their compatriots, every Diasporan Armenian parent’s desire is to feed the right tools and path for their children to learn the language--at the minimum, to speak and understand Armenian.


The preservation of what it means to be Armenian, including elements of language, culture, church, food and family, was a trending topic especially in 2015, when the world was commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The tragic events at the beginning of the 20th century made the Armenians leave their native soil and find new motherlands overseas.


Digital Pomegranate, as a team founded by Diasporan Armenians in Gyumri, Armenia, has come up with its own way to pay tribute to the victims and do something that the Diaspora will benefit from. Our creative and young team wants to leave a legacy to the future generations to stay connected and stay Armenian. We are calling it “Playland Armenia” because we are the # 1 online playground for Armenian children around the world.


What Makes Playland Armenia a Wonderful Platform

We are removing all the boundaries, including language issues and distance, and providing environment to learn together through games and various activities.


A free platform that contains over 15 games teaching Eastern and Western Armenian languages, cultural elements, and simple logic exercises, like chess and crosswords, is accessible for everyone to download and become members of Playland Armenia’s virtual community. From designing their own Armenian carpets to going shopping, and making food by recipes, children are gaining a priceless experience of being and acting Armenian.

By learning their mother tongue, the children get coins which they can use to buy new characters, decorate their houses, invite friends and shop for different items.


tat-01Multilingual Chat  

The command of Armenian language (especially writing skills) is a real problem for effective and active communication between Armenian children living in different parts of the world. To make sure we give everyone equal opportunities to stay connected we have built the automatically translatable chat system. The users can select their default language and send and receive messages in that language. We provide and show Armenian equivalents to all pre-built messages and phrases.

 tat-01Workbooks and Parent Guide

Playland Armenia provides not only an online gaming and socializing environment but also awesome tools for Armenian parents and children to learn Armenian together. We have developed a series of workbooks and a parent guide to make learning time a better experience both for the parent and the kid. The workbooks cover various topics from the basic ones like alphabet, numbers, colours, family members, animals and birds up to food, weather, clothing, vehicles, planets and much more. Each workbook offers different activities as well as board games to practice the learnt words and phrases.

The Parent Guide offers great materials to make their children’s learning process interactive and FUN. It also provides tips and tools for non-native speakers. Are you ready to start to learn Armenian now? Join our Membership Plan!


Award Winning Product

We are removing all the boundaries, including language issues and distance, and providing environment to learn together through games and various activities.


tat-01 Open Game Championship 2015  

"Open Game" is a development project aimed at game development in Armenia.

The project has 5 years of history, and since that period has created a large community: schoolchildren, students, start-ups, game companies.  

Playland Armenia team joint the contest on the third phase and went to the finals along with 10 other teams.

tat-01Best Design Award

The Playland Armenia app is for children ages, 5 thru 10- years-old. It is a gaming and learning app. This means it has be colourful, positive and exciting with an intuitive UI and simple navigation. Our graphics team has worked hard to make the Playland Armenia platform a fun environment. The Open Game Championship juries have awarded our team with Best Game Design 2015 award!!

tat-01Best 2D Game Award

We are honoured to have received the Best Game of the Year nomination at the Armenian Open Game Championship 2015. Most of the Playland Armenia team members were creating their first ever 2D game.


''Children Will Learn Armenian Without a Teacher''
Video by Civilnet.am

After learning Playland Armenia story at Open Game Championship contest back in 2015, Civilnet, one of the most popular media outlets watched widely in Armenian Diaspora, has contacted us to come and visit Digital Pomegranate team in Gyumri. The visit resulted in a great story-telling video featuring the key members who made Playland Armenia happen. 


''For Even Online See IF They Will Not Create A New Armenia''
Story by Aypoupen.com

100 years past the Armenian Genocide, this group of people, brought together what it means to be Armenian, including elements of language, culture, church, food and family in order to preserve what was at stolen at the beginning of the 20th century when Armenians were made to leave their native soil and find new motherlands overseas. The Open Game Championship 2015 has granted the app Best Game Design 2015 award, and nominated it for Best 2D Game Award.

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People Behind Playland Armenia

Our Team


Anushik Saroyan

Game UI Designer


Astghik Salnazaryan

Game Developer


Armenuhi Mkrtchyan

Mobile Developer


Gayane Ghandilyan

Community Manager


Greta Movsesyan

Web Designer


Gurgen Hovhannisyan

Back-End Developer


Gohar Abrahamyan

Web Developer


Zara Ingilizian

Co-founder & Branding Advisor


Liana Yengoyan

Game UI Designer


Lilit Broyan

Game Developer


Narineh Hovhannisyan

Project Manager


Tate Torosyan

Character Designer


Become Part of Our Success Story

We are moving forward with one goal in mind: to make Playland Armenia #1 gaming and socializing platform for Armenian children all around the world. To reach our goal we need YOUR help. Share our story, help us to promote Armenian language and culture in Diasporan centers overseas. Join the movement we have started from Gyumri and growing to reach to the world.

We have printable materials, small posters and handouts to make Playland Armenia story easy to share.

You do not have to do a lot, just print the materials, share among your friends in local places, like church, school or a cafe. Help everyone to become part of Playland Armenia.

To help us share the story, you can download winter cover image, summer cover image and printable poster.