As you search for answers to make parenting easier, we offer tools to guide you and make your child’s educational experience more fun and interactive. Join Playland Armenia, a virtual world where children play and explore in safety. We are dedicated to providing a safe gaming platform that bridges learning and entertainment. Our gaming environment reinforces important skills that are vital to children’s learning process. Children have fun learning while they play.


What Your Child Gets from Playland Armenia


Gaming - Playing games offers a fun experience for children in the course of their day. So, we have created 16 games for your children to learn, interact, earn coins and have a more joyful leisure time.

Customizing Cat Character - Players can show their style with new clothing, home furnishings and other items. Let your child express the personality and their preferences by becoming a “ballerina” or an “Egyptian pharaoh”.

Chat with Friends - Your children have a secure system to interact with their compatriots around the world. Let them be social and stay in touch. They use ONLY pre-built messages and NO TYPING is allowed through the system.

Decorate Their Houses - Let them care about their home and the environment they live in. They will decorate their online home, buy new items and invite friends to parties, but before they need to learn Armenian and earn coins to shop.


Get Workbooks with Membership

The ultimate goal of Playland Armenia app is not only to get kids to play games but to make to be a great platform for children to learn Western and Eastern Armenian. We have created a whole series of printable workbooks, which you can print and use to teach your kids basic Armenian vocabulary.The printables also provide diverse activities and exercises to practice the new vocabulary with your child.



Educational Videos to Learn Eastern and Western Armenian









We created a range of educational videos understanding  that videos are useful learning tools for children. When information is presented in a fun manner, kids are more eager to learn, making it easier for them to absorb. Besides, videos come to rescue if your child doesn't have the opportunity to hear native Armenian speakers. In addition, educational videos can help kids remember vocabulary and spelling. To make Learning Armenian much simpler for your kids,  join our membership and download this useful learning resources.


Parent Guide

Dear Parents,
We want our “Parent Guide” to be an important resource for you to begin the educational adventure of teaching your child Armenian in the comfort and safety of your home. Our guide is filled with ideas to get your child excited about learning Armenian.

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Learning and Development

As a parent, you may wonder why your kid should spend several hours on an online game. With a number of educational games we try to teach and develop the following skills for your child to become more attentive, conscious and creative.


Being Armenian - It is not easy to talk about nationality and motherland with children at a young age, as the topic is complex and requires a deep understanding of what it means to live in a different country, but hold a different nationality. With various games we try to ease the process of what it means to be Armenian through cultural elements like carpets, Armenian storybooks, food, country landscapes, etc.

Socialization - Online interaction has become one of the most powerful tools to socialize and share. Your children want to act like you: send emails, postcards, chat and receive messages. We let them do this in a safe and secure way through a multilingual chatting system with pre-built phrases and emoticons to fully express themselves.

Creativity - While exploring the world of Armenian language and culture your children become more creative as they are assigned to tasks like designing their own Armenian carpet, or to decorate their home, dress according to the country they travel to, and much more.

Competition - We want to enhance the competitive spirit. While playing any game the children should clearly know the reward and the value of winning. By earning coins they are allowed to buy new items, get new characters, decorate their homes, invite friends, do parties and explore more.

Money Management - By playing games and earning coins, children can learn to save money for something - new items, clothes, houses, etc. It is important for them to know and to understand the value of what they earn on their own.