Playland Armenia Users Share Their Feedback With Us

Playland Armenia app has been publicly in the stores for more than 4 months gathering over 2000 registered users, hundreds of downloads and also the most valuable thing we could have at this stage - feedback from parents and teachers from the Armenian Diaspora all around the world. Being a young team of developers, where we strongly appreciate and base our  decisions on the user needs and preferences, we have asked for and received direct feedback from Playland Armenia community members. With the focus to improve the app and the educational materials, we appreciate bug reports and suggestions to make Playland Armenia a perfect platform to learn to interact and to share knowledge. And imagine how motivated and happy we were to receive each positive feedback and “thank you” letters from parents and teachers all around the world. Below we present those ideas and suggestions coming directly from our users. Feel free to add your feedback in the comments below the article.

Aline Kazanjian, USA

Hello Playland Armenia Team!
I love the app so far (I am a new user 🙂 I had some suggestions to make the game more user friendly 🙂 First do you know it's quite difficult to get the game to download on a mac since its not developed by app store? I think if we could fix the ease of the downloading that would make the game have a lot more users! But I am sharing with all my friends 🙂 I have a few suggestions/some feedback:

  1. Maybe besides the map, it would be great if you could create an index where we can see what there is to do in each section.Ex going through the index to find the games, vs going through all the locations to find a summary of what games are available.

    2. Do you guys plan on developing more stories for the storybook? I think that's a wonderful section, and it would be amazing if you guys made small books of Armenian kings/Princesses like "Akhtamar", "dikran Takavor", "Hripsime/Gayane", etc. I think it would be a great way to learn about Armenian Ancient History and fairy tales!

  3. It would be awesome if we had a songbook to learn traditional Armenian Folk Songs too! with lyrics and a sing along section. Even similar to the story book section where we hear the songs and words get highlighted as they are sung/read.

 4. I LOVE the rug making! love the music that goes with it, and LOVE that it shows ancient Armenian culture! I think it would be cool to have another section with recipes, where we can learn Armenian cooking through play. Like making foods, or traditional jams and sweet soujuks.

THANK YOU for your time and development of this app already! What a fantastic resource for the diaspora to educate ether children. I don't have children yet, but will be buying the Membership because of how great of a learning resource it is. Thank you for your contribution to preserving Armenian culture, and encouraging learning! I am so grateful you have volunteered your time and efforts for this amazing project!

I was snapchattig the game to my friends yesterday and they all were SO interested in the guided readings of the storybooks! We are 22-31 year old diaspora who love the idea of practicing reading with a guide.
Thank you again for all your work and producing such a great resource!! I am so grateful! I hope you don't take any of my feedback as criticism I think you guys have done an amazing job, and I am spreading the word 🙂

Hrachouhi Zakaryan, Mom, “Lavash: Counting Book” author, USA

I think it's great! I love the illustrations! I think it's very important that they are appealing because I know first hand that my daughter prefers the books and cartoons with illustrations that really get it, and your's does for sure so bravo!  I love it

I also love the games a Lot! I think I might sign up for this! There needs to be more cartoons in Armenian for sure because I see all around how kids are forgetting Armenian after being in school all day, coming home and watching English cartoons then playing English games. What you are doing is wonderful so thank you. I do feel that the treasure hunt is unnecessary unless the game is in Armenian which I don't know but in which case I would say is ok to leave in your curriculum.

Sona Grigoryan, founder and teacher of the Armenian school of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
My name is Sona Grigoryan, I am the founder and the teacher of the Armenian school of Edmonton. We have 13 students in our school. On July 2016 we registered with playlandarmenia and got a lifetime membership. This is only the biggining of our journey through this wonderful site, everything what I have seen for now deeply impressed me, all materials are very educational and very attractive for the students, I will give my objective feedback after using them this year.

Thank you again for this great opportunity!

Jean-Marc Barbier, Dad, Canada
Continue your great job, it is amazing. Thanks!

Ripsime Bledsoe, Mom, USA
So you all have a lot of great things here but I am finding some big gaps. For a child who does not the know the language, it's important to first learn individual letter sounds. You have a video but that is the whole alphabet and only good for review. The flash cards are okay but require me to sit with my son and say every letters sound for him since he doesn't know them. The app also has a game but again, it is not letters but whole words. You need a game where the child can learn the individual letters sounds through constant repetition of several letters that increases the amount of letters with increasing levels. Right now, before my child can do anything, I have to sit with him and just do flash cards. The games on the app are really for them once they have at least mastered the letters and their sounds. That is a big gap. If I am missing something, please let me know.

Paul-Lucas  Ghoocasian, Dad, USA

Thanks for reaching out. We were really excited to hear about and download your app. We have a daughter  who is 3. We have a son also a few months old. We would like if the apps were more geared towards a younger age group (2-3). Especially if there were simple items to help first learners of Armenian: alphabet, numbers, colors etc. The Memory game for example is very complicated. The videos also are hard to run/user friendly- there is something the app that just makes it "clunky" and not so smooth/easy to use. We realize it is in early version and hope it will improve. A really good app is the AGBU "Gus on Go" (link). Likes:  We also very much like the book printouts- that is excellent. Is it possible to dub mainstream US or European kids shows into Armenian? For example Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins, Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger etc. Or perhaps such a show already exists in Armenia and you can link  it.
Hope you don't mind all our suggestions. We really like the product, and just want some improvements so our kids will want to use it more often.
Anaid Melikian, School Teacher, Lyon, France
(feedback is translated from French)

Hello Playland Armenia team, I am so happy I found your tool yesterday, because it has been several months I was looking for educational ebooks for my first grade pupils. We are working with ABCs, Numebrs and Colours right now, I will tell you videos are great, and want to encourage you to add more and more on the topics you have in the books. My pupils are loving your illustrations, say thank you to your design specialists for the storybook designs. I will send more feedback on the content as we move forward with more complex topics. Great job.

Vanouhi Nazarian, Mom, Australia,

I haven't looked at the books yet, so feedback is on app only. I have had a quick look at the workbooks and they look good so far.
I think the app is a good start. The games seem fun but are a bit too advanced for my daughter. I'm really looking forward to seeing version 2. I like the interactive and typing part - esp that it is restricted in what can be typed. I also like that there is a variety of games targeted at different levels of language knowledge.
 I've sent some of these through previously, so apologies for repeats. First of all, the password requirement is annoying. In Australia most kids have their own ipads/phones and use other apps without having to put a password in.  Having to find an adult to type In a password means another app will be selected instead.
In terms of games, they seem to take too long to load. Ideally all the downloads come through at once (so you're not waiting for the individual loads the first time you open up the games), but then it's also very slow when you open them up the second and subsequent times. I would love to see a more beginners version of language and Letter recognition as well. My daughter learned English letters from the endless alphabet app (I encourage you to check it out) - it would be great if there is a similar thing for Armenians.
Thanks again for the amazing work on this. Would be happy to contribute financially to any future developments.
Lisa Hajyan, Mom, Beirut, Lebanon
I have two girls growing up in Beirut, and I was always looking for such electronic materials to preserve Armenian language at home. I am happy I have joint you at an early stage, and can share my suggestions to improve it. For example there is a huge need for Armenian storybooks, I am sure parents will agree. Even if we do not have much time during the day, we have to find some time for bedtime reading. So will appreciate more illustrated stories from you.

Armine Piloyan, Vrteska, Mom, Macedonia
You are doing and amazing job and initiative for all of the Diaspora, thank you.