Teach Your Children to Write in Armenian through Language Workbooks and Tablet Games

Children’s first attempts at writing are in their preschool years. This is the time when they expand their vocabulary and begin to understand that letters, numbers and symbols all have meaning. They also begin to notice people in their life writing and naturally want to mimic what they see. During this stage, you will find your young one drawing zigzags and trying to write. And that is the best stage to focus on teaching them to write in Armenian, even if it may sound too early. If you family uses Armenian language at home for daily communications, games with the child and for bedtime storytelling, it will be much easier for the child to learn to write in Armenian at an early age.

Write in ArmenianTeaching your young one to write in Armenian is not an easy task. It entails more than simply placing a pencil in the hand and showing them images. Your child will need to practice a lot and the good thing is that you can easily teach your child to write from your home.

First you need to understand that you will need to sit down with your child for a while to have success on your child’s way from scrabbles to meaningful writing. And most important, you need patience to guide the first experiences and have your child to enjoy those writing exercises.

As a first step you can always start with the alphabet letters. If you are on your way of teaching your child to write in Armenian, you should already have the alphabet flash cards or magnets so that you child gets acquainted with the letters. Alphabets will inspire with letter recognition and help them to memorize the shapes.

There are many different types of writing activities that you can use at home to teach to write in Armenian starting with letters and then moving forward on names and simple words.

We have gathered the following list of activities that may come handy:

Letter Tracing
woekbook8Foster your child’s penmanship with tracing letters activities, which is very common in writing basics. This is very useful for teaching to write in Armenian just like any other language, because the essence is just to trace the shape of the letter. This exercise is especially popular in children’s language learning printable workbooks and exercise books. Playland Armenia offers such printables for practicing writing skills. You need to join Playland Armenia lifetime Membership to get access to the workbooks with tracing activities for alphabet letters, simple vocabulary words and phrases.

Missing letters
This is another popular activity that may come very handy especially if you like to spend time with your child on writing exercises. This is one type that requires your presence in contrary to the tracing activity, which your child can just do alone. Missing letter type activities help the children to recognize the sounds, and then remember what shape they look like. You need to spell the word out loud several times and help you child to find out what letter is missing. Then together find out what is the shape of the letter to write down in the word. Missing letter activities are always present in language workbooks and printables.

woekbooks2Word Scramble

Word scramble is a fun and enjoyable exercise for fostering writing and listening skills. It is more about getting the child to recognize the sounds and help to remember what word they make together in right order.

woekbooks4This exercise is more for advanced level kids who also like to combine writing skills with intellectual and logic questions. For this type of activity you will need to sit down with the child first to explain and then show how to write horizontally and vertically. In Playland Armenia lnaguage workbooks we have added crosswords teaching different types of vocabulary, including colours, food, animals, furniture and many more.

Advanced level: typing games on tablets
Though the traditional form of writing requires a pen and a paper, it is a little bit different in our digitalised world. There are different online language games that offer language classes with learning to type on mobile devices. Such an example is My Village game in Playland Armenia, where to get to use different objects for constructing the village, the child needs to type the Armenian word. After putting the right order of letters the game opens this or that object and they can build their villages. Besides it also rewards with additional coins to be spent during the play.



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